Does AI Content Rank in Google SERPs? (Detailed Guide with Case Study)

Are you considering starting a blog with AI content and wondering if it will rank in Google SERPs? AI writing is becoming more and more popular in today’s blogging industries, and everyone is trying to get their hands on one of the AI content writing software to help them improve their productivity.

Even you might have noticed that numerous websites have started using AI content in their blogs to attract more targeted audiences. But the question is, do they rank well in Google SERPs? And those of you who are curious to know the answer can find out everything in this article.

In fact, to test this out, I created a website using AI content to check whether it ranks or not, and here in this guide, I’ll share the results which I got from that website so that you can decide for yourself if the AI content is worth it or not.

So without further ado, let’s get started with our article.

What is AI-Generated Content?

As the name suggests, AI-generated content is the content that is generated by AI or Artificial Intelligence, and as you might already know that AI is a type of computer program that is capable of doing things that a human being can do in terms of cognitive reasoning, language understanding, and writing. It means the content generated, therefore, is not just computer-generated random gibberish but well-researched and well-written.

How AI Content is Generated?

The process of AI-generated content, also called natural language generation (NLG), typically uses machine learning (ML) and deep learning algorithms to generate the content.

Nowadays, the AI content generated by most software uses the GPT-3 model (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 3 model), which was built by OpenAI to produce content. GPT-3 is an autoregressive language model that uses deep learning to produce human-like text.

In simple words, AI content is generated by feeding an algorithm a variety of data and making it capable of generating content like a human.

In recent years there are various AI content writing softwares available in the market to create content. Some of the popular ones are, &

Does AI Content Rank in Google SERP?

The short answer to this question is that yes, AI content ranks well enough in Google SERP just like any other content does, as long as the content is well researched & has meaning to it.

Keeping the above in mind, let’s have a look at the case study of one blog that I created using AI-generated content. Along with the results that I got from the blog.

Case Study: Performance of Blog with AI-Generated Content

I created a blog in the technology niche on a brandable (.com) domain name using WordPress CMS (free blogging software).

The domain was registered through Dynadot (one of the most popular domain registration service providers) and was hosted on Digitalocean $7/mo VPS hosting (one of the most popular & cheapest VPS hosting service providers).

The blog was built using the GeneratePress theme with several essential plugins to enhance its overall performance.

I used AI-generated content from (AI content writing software) to write all the posts on my blog.

Over a period of eight months, I published 6-8 posts with unique and catchy headlines & content on the blog every month. Along with the content creation, I also focus a little bit on creating backlinks.

The total number of words that I wrote was around 2k to 4k per article, and the amount of time I spent on creating the content was around 2-3 hours per day (averaging 12-14 hours per week).

The Results

The results I got from the blog were excellent, and I was really astonished by how well it performed. I have attached the screenshot of my analytics dashboard for the result of the same.

analytics audience overview
Analytics Audience Overview

The organic traffic that I was getting after 8 months was more than 18k visitors monthly, and the total number of keywords for which the blog was ranking was around 30k, with around 1k keywords ranking at the top SERP positions. In addition, the blog also started to generate more than $2k a month in revenue.

And I achieved all this in only 8 months by just using well-researched AI content & a little bit of SEO. Can you believe it?

So does AI content rank perfectly in Google SERPs?

Again, the answer is yes, it does, but only when the content you write using AI is well-researched and well-written. AI makes a lot of mistakes, especially with the facts and numbers, and you have to fix them manually before publishing.

Just make sure that your blog has very high-quality content along with good keyword research with very targeted keywords having significant search volume.

✍️ Author’s Note

If you are curious to know more about my experiment with AI content, I will publish the detailed case study and will link it here if I get a good response from this article.

Can Google Detect AI Content?

Well, the answer is yes. Google is actually paranoid about AI content, and it can detect AI-generated content very easily. So if you want to rank high in SERPs, you need to be very careful about AI content.

In fact, Google released an update called “helpful content update” on August 25, 2022, which was designed to target such content. It’s not just Google that can detect AI content, even humans can also feel that it is machine-generated content by reading it or looking at its entire structure.

I attached a screenshot below that shows how one of my competitors who was using AI content was penalized after the roll-out of the Google helpful content update.

google penalty after update
Ahrefs Data Showing Traffic Drop After Update

This happened with the majority of the blogs that were practicing AI content without any genuine knowledge of their content. If you fail to provide value to your readers by writing unique, interesting, and knowledgeable content, then Google will penalize your website, causing a serious impact on your business.

Does Google Like AI Content?

Recent evidence has shown that websites that were using AI content sooner or later got hit with a Google penalty. Therefore, it’s clear that Google doesn’t like AI content at all. In my opinion, this is justified because:

  • It ruins the user experience.
  • It’s not easy to read or understand.
  • Artificially generated contents are of low quality, repetitive, and doesn’t provide readers with anything new.

What About Other Search Engines?

As far as I noticed, other search engines are also working hard to remove websites with thin AI content from their search results. Recently, I found a blog that was using AI-generated content to rank in SERPs, but now it is completely removed from Bing & Yahoo searches.

I think Bing is doing much better than its competitors in removing websites from its SERP that use thin quality content developed with artificial intelligence.

Should You Use AI Content?

In recent years, AI content has become more popular because it helps bloggers to save time and provides positive results as well. So if you’re using AI-generated content in an ethical way then you should consider it as a wise idea because it’s scalable, cost-effective, and time efficient.

Additionally, AI content provides us with various unique content generation ideas that we would never have thought of otherwise.

However, if your intention is only to rank high in SERPs & make money without providing any value to the community, I would not recommend using AI content. Also, make sure to follow the Google guidelines before publishing your content.

Just ask the questions given below to yourself before starting a blog. And if you have yes as an answer to any of these questions, then no matter how cautious you are with publishing your content, you are always at a risk of getting a penalty from Google update.

avoid creating content for search engine
Avoid creating content for targeting search engines.

Regardless of what you do, never create content that is only focused on targeting the search engine rather than helping your audience, and you will succeed.

Wrapping Up!

If you have time and interest, then it’s better for you to create content with 100% human-written content. But if you’re going to use AI, then make sure that you provide quality content before publishing it on your blog by checking the content written by AI and manually researching for facts and numbers.

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